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Liston Animal Hospital

COVID-19 Updates

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken several measures to reduce crowding and the chances of transmission of COVID-19. Most recently, in January of 2023, we changed our protocols to reflect the state of the pandemic in our area. Here’s what we’re doing right now:

  1. Masking is appreciated but not required while indoors.

  2. In order to prevent overcrowding in the clinic, we are continuing to limit the capacity of our waiting area. Two clients may be in the waiting area at once, either for surgery discharge or for billing after an appointment.

  3. We ask anyone in need of a PRESCRIPTION renewal or PET FOOD purchase to place your order over the phone by calling us at (613) 591-0966. Once your order is ready for pick up, we will contact you to let you know. Upon arrival at the clinic, call us again or come knock on our door and we will bring your purchases outside to you. Please remain in or near your vehicle so we know where to find you.

  4. If you have arrived for an appointment with a vet, call to let us know. We’ll need the name of your pet and the location, make, and colour of your vehicle, so your vet will know where to find you. When we are ready for you to come in, we will be out to wave you in. At this time, we ask that pets be accompanied by ONE family member only, as our facility has limited space and can become overcrowded quite quickly.

  5. If you have arrived for an appointment with a technician (anal glands, nail clips, bloodwork etc.), call to let us know. A technician will be out to bring your pet in. When the procedure is completed, the technician will bring your pet back out to you and we will complete billing there.

Please consult the website regularly for any new updates.

Thank you for your cooperation!

The Liston Animal Hospital Staff